Updated 4/27/17

World Tai Chi Day 2017 is THIS Saturday!

Every year on the last Saturday of April in hundreds of cities, spanning 80 nations, people come together, to breathe together, providing a healing vision for our world ... this is the essence of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day.

When:  THIS Saturday, April 29, 10 am  - Noon
Where:  Outdoors at Yang's behind our building
Cost: Free To ALL
Experience:  None required
What: Participate in or observe warm-up Qigong exercises 
Tai Chi demonstration (participation for those who know the Tai Chi long form Part 1) 
Demonstrations & mini-workshops in Pushing Hands, 
Tai Chi Ball Qigong
Tai Chi Ruler 
... and the Tai Chi form.

Questions? Call 978.475.2020 or stop by our front desk.

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Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just beginning Tai Chi (Taiji) and Chi Kung (Qigong), you will gain great insight into how to unify your mind, body and chi (energy) with the practice of Taiji Ruler and Ball.

6-week course starts Tuesday, May 2nd 
8:00 - 9:15 pm
Instructor:  Paul Blake
Prior experience is not required.

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Tai Chi is a therapeutic exercise system derived from Chinese martial arts focusing on the circulation of chi, or "life energy" found within and around all living things.  

Some benefits of Tai Chi include improved balance, relief of pain and/or stiffness and lower high blood pressure.

New Saturday Beginner's class has been added!

To observe a class in session, call 978.475.2020.

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Kids & Teens Introductory Kung Fu Program

Our classes are separated by age and experience (rank).


Questions?  Call 978.475.2020 and ask for Diana or Alex.

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NEW Ongoing Chin Na Class

Chin Na is the art of attacking acupuncture cavities and sensitive parts of the body with strikes, grabs, pressure and other techniques.  It's an excellent system of self-defense and highly recommended to those in a personal protection profession.

Prior martial arts and chin na experience is not required. 

To try your first class for free, call 978.475.2020 and schedule your first class.  Some restrictions may apply.

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Celebrate your next birthday party here at Yang's with your friends and leave the entertainment to us!

Members and Non-Members are welcome!  

For more info call 978.475.2020 or email Diana:

Adult Introductory Kung Fu Special


It's NEVER too late to learn a new skill!  Beginners will find that our instructors and students are more than willing to help you learn self-defense skills while increasing flexibility, enhancing concentration, developing strength and more!   Students are encouraged to challenge themselves but always within their physical abilities and fitness level.

For more about the Unlimited Class Special,

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